SVN extension for Oracle APEX App Builder


Compatible with

Oracle APEX
Subversion (SVN)
Firefox Browser
Google Chrome Browser


svnAPEX will significantly improve your experience with APEX development and it is available free of charge for applications with up to 30 pages. Manage your APEX source code with industry standard approach and best practices. Revert pages, view log history, commit your changes to SVN directly from APEX App Builder and without any command line usage. svnAPEX allows you to follow industry standard workflow and increase efficiency of your APEX development process. Finally the proper way of code management is available in Oracle APEX.


Improve efficiency of your development team

Follow best practices and industry standard workflow

Meet source code management policies

Add continuous integration to meet quality requirements

Download and use for free

You can use svnAPEX free of charge, even for commercial purposes, with Oracle APEX applications with a maximum of 30 pages.
See license terms for details.
Please note that support is available only for users with valid paid subscription.

By downloading or using svnAPEX you accept the svnAPEX license terms

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You can download and use svnAPEX free of charge with APEX applications with a maximum of 30 pages

Paid subscription includes support

License type Net Price* Price condition Guaranteed number of support request
1-5 Developers 55 USD Price per person,
per month***
2 per month
(for all Developers)
6-10 Developers 49 USD Price per person,
per month***
3 per month
(for all Developers)
11-15 Developers 42 USD Price per person,
per month***
4 per month
(for all Developers)
Enterprise**** up to 20 Developers 675 USD Price per Company,
per month***
5 per month
(for all Developers)
Enterprise**** more than 20 Developers Contact us

* VAT tax may be applied. Prices are listed without VAT

** You need to meet technical requirements as described in Documentation to use svnAPEX. Please download and test our tool for free before processing with payment.

*** Basic e-mail support included. No guarantee of ticket resolution or response time.

**** For Enterprise subscription there is possibility to buy custom SLA and Support Credits.


Our story

Database Consulting was founded in 2009 as an Oracle Database specialised education centre with in-house developed trainings and workshops. We are an Oracle Approved Educational Centre since 2015. We deliver products and services related to APEX development like APEX plug-ins, development tools or cloud products.


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